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Images not showing? Empty Images not showing?

Post by Blaise on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:12 am

Yep, this happens a lot because of server lag in MyAdopts. The images shut down at times of high activity to prevent or make the lag have less effect on the system and I believe BMR(owner of MyAdopts) is working on a way to prevent or lessen the effect of this lag. But for now, you can make fix them manually with the tutorial below.
1. Take the usual BBcode:

2. Right click on the adoptable you're getting the image for, select "Properties".

3. In the window that came up, where it says "Image Properties", copy whatever appears in "Location:"

4. Substitute that in place of the image generator URL:
It should now display properly.

5. This will need to be updated whenever your adoptable levels up.

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