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Post by Celetar on Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:35 pm

Well, hey there.

I'm Celetar. But I bet you know that already.

Anyway, I've got a lot of pets on this site.

A lot.

As in, as much as possible from every month. I think.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, I'm not sure if you can see this multitude of pets from my profile page, but I'm just here to make an offer - if you wanted more of a pet, or missed the first few months, or simply like the looks of this one of that - tell me.

Depending on who you are, I'll find something to trade.

Mhmm, that's right. They're not free.

And if they don't have a double, they're not for trade.

Wellll... there are always exceptions.

So anyway. The offer has been made.

Hope this might breathe some life back to this site!

There used to be a witty line here, but it joined a union and went on strike.

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