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Post by lunatiger531 on Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:28 am

Hello there i,m lunatiger531, but most people can easly call me as luna, lunar or lunatiger (I didn't know how i came up with that name LOL XD)

I'm am a 15 and a half british girl who lives in the uk with my twin brother, 2 step brothers and a step sister, i also have 2 dog named Topaz and Willow. (i however get stressed out due to my younger step brother and sister, but i easly calm down) . My hobbies are collecting as many stuffed teddys as i can, sorting out my nealy 400 pokemon cards, playing on my red DSi and drawing. I began to draw animal when i was 13 years but i drew them ever since. I am doing a catering course at college (I'm in the final year at school) cause when i done with it i want to become a very good chef. I have started to read the 1st warrior cats book (into the wild), but i might get some more bokks later on.


If i,m not at WS i am mostly at a few websites playing at them. I at Chicken Smoothie, Squiby, Poke farm, Mweors, Wajas, Dragon Cave and Dragonadopters. I sometimes do RPing at chicken smoothie and making my RPs, but my RPs keeps dying out.


I am a mod for Wild Side, in which i find bad stuff on there (Spam, flaming, Posting the same post 2 or 3 times, Art theft and loads more) and do the same as other staff do, trying to help people out and reply to their questions. I will do RPing here later and make my own ones.

Clicky Clicky, If you got any proplems then pm me or any staff and they will help you

Hey peoples :) IAHW
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