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Zanjux petz

Post by Zanjux on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:35 am

♥~ This is where Ima show off my pets from all kinds of sites ~♥
(I will post only links to some sites because I have lots and lots of pets and Im too lazy to bring all of their codes over here >.<)
Clicks are always welcome too but you dont have to click them ofcourse ^^


♥~Dragon Cave~♥

My scroll -> <- My scroll


My pets -> <- My pets


My pets -> <- My pets


♥~Global Pokedex Plus~♥

Well... thats about it o.o"
Thanks for looking at this page. ^^ My pets need views too lol
And a biiiiiiig hug to you if you clicked even a few of them ^^ you know you dont have to but.. thanks! ^^


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