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Post by ninjamonkey on Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:32 pm

ok this is an rp with cats I need cats for multiple clans the first clan is blackclan they are very smart and do not shed blood needlessly then there is featherclan they are your average clan they are very fast next is iceclan they are very aggressive and do not think before they act
this is what I need from u people

Cat name

There are 2 leaders for each clan
2 medicine cats they heal the cats with herbs
And warriors they fight for there clans and they patrole there territories which is a lush forest
Blackclan controls the dense underbrush of the deciduous forest featherclan controls the moors and plains on the edge of the land and iceclan controls the area of the forest farthest away it has very few trees but is good for hunting

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