Why don't I formally introduce myself? :3

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Why don't I formally introduce myself? :3 Empty Why don't I formally introduce myself? :3

Post by Vixen on Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:51 pm

Why hello there!

My name is Vixen. On Chicken Smoothie I am Vixen500, but I prefer Vixen. Vix, or Vixxie. Vixen came from the reindeer, btw. I can't tell my real name, but maybe you'll learn it sometime later. ^^
I'm thirteen years old, and my birthday is on August Fourth. I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest member here, maybe besides Blaise, but I dunno. I love to read, write, and work with electronics.
I play volleyball and sometimes swim in my freetime. My favorite colors are neon blue/yellow/orange. Pink is gross. No offence. xD
I'm shy and nice here, but in real life I spazz and get wild xD. Me and my buds are besties, so I hang with them a lot. I might bring them here, online ones or not.
My favorite animals are tigers and sheep. Very Happy

I spend most of my time roleplaying, so I'm good in that area, I guess. O.o I'm on two different other roleplaying sites. CS, here, and squiby are the only adoptable sites I particapate in.
I do have a Deviantart account, but It's only for use of looking at my friends art. I my do a lineart here and there, but I can't say I'm good at it. x.o
I also have an addiction to smilies that aren't emocticons. They bother me.
pig Except this guy. He's pretty awesome.

Wild Side
Here on Wild Side I'm one of the few Newbie Helpers. My job is to show people around, and help them with learning the basics here. I'm patient with others, but if they constantly ask the same thing over and over, well... Let's not talk about that, hmm? xD I do have a bad side, but I rarely show it.
One other thing. I'm not the best at giving suggestions toward linearts. I find everyone's art/linearts perfect, and that's just the way I am. x3

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Why don't I formally introduce myself? :3 Empty Re: Why don't I formally introduce myself? :3

Post by Blaise on Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:40 pm

Oh, noez, no repliez! D8
Lol, well, I'm glad you are part of out staff, Vixen. You seem like a really nice girl, especially one I'd get along with really well. Haha. Heehee, I'm still younger by 9 months and 2 days. xP
Smilies that aren't emoticons scare me too. o.o

Oh noez. I don't have a siggy! ... Wait...
Cheese! o.o
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